The Summit Century routes are set in a challenging alpine environment. As you pedal through some of the most breathtaking scenery you’ve ever seen — and pedal up some of the most relentless climbs you’ve ever ridden — keep in mind our cloverleaf route layout, which lets you push yourself farther than you ever expected.

If you decide you simply can’t climb any more, the start/finish is only a downhill away….

Mount Shasta Summit Century

Get an early start!

The Super Century: Challenging & Impossibly Beautiful

A 139 mile, 16,500 vertical foot challenge for experienced riders – the equivalent of a Tour de France mountain stage!

Four significant climbs dot this ride: riding on lightly trafficked rural roads, you’ll wind to the top of Parks Creek Summit (6,854′); up a stunning river gorge to Mumbo Summit (6,300′); through forested roads up to Castle Lake (a mountain cirque at 5400′); and finally, a breathtaking 14 mile climb up Mount Shasta’s moderately graded (6% average) forested roads (7850′).

Views of Shasta, Mt. Eddy, Castle Crags and even Mt. Lassen abound. Not sure if you’re ready for this challenge? Our route forms a cloverleaf, so you can bail out at any time and only face a short ride. Time to test yourself!

Download a Super Century Map Here (high-rez PDF)

The Mt. Shasta Summit Century: Same Views, 2/3 The Climbing

All the views of the Super Century but 100 miles and 10,500′ of climbing. Similar to the Super Century — but it omits the first climb and the half the second climb. The same cloverleaf route means you’re never too far from the finish. It’s perfect if you’ve ridden a century but want to test yourself with a beautiful-but-hilly century.

Download a Century Map Here (high-rez PDF)

Metric Century: Friendly ride with stunning views

Ideal for those who can finish a flat metric century, this ride follows the route of the Summit Century but omits the two final climbs. The ride up the rugged South Fork of Upper Sacramento river gorge is challenging and scenic. 60 miles/4,000′ of climbing.

Download a Metric Century Map Here (high-rez PDF)

Half Metric: Big Thrills & Few Hills!

One climb is all you face, yet the views are stunning — you are surrounded by the mountains of Northern California. Perfect for families, kids or novices. 30 miles/2100′ of climbing. Route similar to the metric, only without the dip down into Shasta Valley.

Download a Half-Metric Century Map Here (high-res .PDF)

Rest Stops

There is food at all rest stops, a lunch stop, and a post-ride ride dinner meal for all participants. We try to use organic food wherever possible, and while we offer cookies and snacks, we also try to cater to those who would rather not eat processed foods by offering plenty of fruit.

Water and electrolyte fluid is also available at every stop; we now offer Gatorade exclusively, as all the other drinks we tried seemed to cause significant stomach distress in a portion of our ridership.

While Gatorade isn’t the most high-tech sports drink, it’s apparently easier on the stomach.

Of course, you’re welcome to mix your own replacement drink at each stop using the supplied water.