You’re Supporting…

You’re Not Just Riding. You’re Supporting Underfunded Youth Sports.

Every year, Mountain Wheelers uses funds raised from the Mt. Shasta Summit Century¬† to help fund “lifetime” youth athletic sports in Siskiyou County.

Your support helps us support local youth sports

School sports in our rural county are severely underfunded, and worse, “lifetime” aerobic sports – like cross county, track volleyball, cross-country skiing and others – typically receive far less funding than sports like football and basketball.

In 2009, Mountain Wheelers granted $20,500 to local sports organizations.

In 2010, we granted $19,750.

In 2011, we granted $19,150.

In 2012, we granted nearly $20,000.

It wouldn’t be possible without the massive support of our ridership.

Without you, we couldn’t fund teams like the Mt. Shasta High School cross-country team, who are among the best in Northern California, yet receive only a fraction of the money needed to compete at top-flight meets.

In addition, we granted money to local track teams, our local xc-skiing youth program, the local skatepark, several high-school, middle school and even elementary youth sports programs – even to the local cycling club to aid the installation of “Share the Road” signs you’ll now see on the century route.

We thank you for helping make that possible!

Mountain Wheelers is a local group whose mission is to support sports programs in Siskiyou County. Every member of our group is an unpaid volunteer, and all money raised goes towards youth sports or local athletic-related projects.